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Visions of Jesus and Mary: Quiz


Question 1: The remedies she saw for the protection of the Catholic Church were the Holy Rosary and ________.
Eucharistic adorationRoman Catholic devotions to Jesus ChristSacred HeartCatholic devotions

Question 2: Saint Francis of Assisi was one of the first reported cases of stigmata, but the best known recent example is another ________ (in fact a Capuchin) Saint Padre Pio.
Dominican OrderFranciscanCatholic religious orderCarmelites

Question 3: The ________ Italian priest Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina reported visions of both Jesus and Mary as early as 1910.
FranciscanCarmelitesDominican OrderCatholic religious order

Question 4: [1] For instance, the first step in the mysticism of Saint Teresa of Avila, a ________ who reported extensive visions, was "mental prayer", i.e.
Timeline of ChristianityHistory of the Catholic ChurchEast–West SchismDoctor of the Church

Question 5: Messages from Jesus reported by John Leary in Rochester New York in 1999 had predicted that Pope ________ would be forced out of Rome and sent into exile amid chaos.
Pope Paul VIPope John Paul IIPope Pius XICatholic Church

Question 6: the formation of the ________ order and the devotions to the Holy Rosary, the Holy Face of Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Dominican OrderFranciscanCarmelitesCatholic religious order

Question 7: The ________ endorses a fraction of these claims and various visionaries it accepts have achieved beatification, or even sainthood.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Gregory ICatholic Church

Question 8: Eventually, a number of chapels and churches were built at Lourdes as the ________ - which is now a major Catholic pilgrimage site.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Sanctuary of Our Lady of LourdesRoman Catholic MariologyRosary

Question 9: A well-known example was the Charismatic Protestant televangelist ________ who often claimed to receive messages from God to heal people on stage.
James RandiPeter PopoffDon Stewart (preacher)Johnny Carson

Question 10: One of these churches, the Basilica of St. Pius X can accommodate 25 thousand people and was dedicated by the future ________ when he was the Papal Nuncio to France.
Pope John Paul IIPope Paul VIPope John Paul IPope John XXIII


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