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Visigoths: Quiz


Question 1: In response to the invasion of Roman Hispania of 409 by the Vandals, ________ and Suevi, Honorius, the emperor in the West, enlisted the aid of the Visigoths to regain control of the territory.
SarmatiansAlansScythiansIranian peoples

Question 2: The ascetic ________ was martyred by orthodox Catholic forces in 385, before the Visigothic period, and the persecution continued in subsequent generations as "Priscillianist" heretics were rooted out.

Question 3: In 711 or 712 the Visigoths, including their king and many of their leading men, were killed in the ________ by a force of invading Arabs and Berbers.
Battle of GuadaleteIberian PeninsulaBerber peopleRoderic

Question 4: In the eighth through eleventh centuries the ________ clan of the Banū Qāsī claimed descent from the Visigothic Count Cassius.

Question 5: After Alaric's death, Visigothic nobles spirited his heir, the child-king Amalaric, first to ________, which was the last Gothic outpost in Gaul, and further across the Pyrenees into Hispania.

Question 6: Gothic identity survived the fall of the kingdom, however, especially in the ________ and the Marca Hispanica.
Kingdom of AsturiasHispaniaAl-AndalusHistory of Portugal

Question 7:
  • ________ (511–526), regent
    OdoacerCharlemagneAlboinTheodoric the Great

Question 8: In 633 the same ________ of Catholic bishops that usurped the Visigothic nobles' right to confirm the election of a king declared that all Jews must be baptised.
ChristianityAnglicanismCatholic ChurchSynod

Question 9: They slowly extended their authority into Hispania, displacing the Vandals and ________.
SarmatiansAlansIranian peoplesScythians

Question 10: [1] Claudian mentions that they, together with the Gruthungi, inhabit ________.


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