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Vishvamitra: Quiz


Question 1: Brahmarshi Vishvamitra (Sanskrit विश्वामित्र viśvā-mitra "all-friend") is one of the most venerated rishis or sages of ancient times in ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 2: The boy sings these mantras at the ceremony, and is blessed by ________ and Varuna, and Harishchandra's ceremony is also completed.

Question 3: This resulted in Satyavati's mother giving birth to Vishvamitra, the son of a Kshatriya Gadhi with the qualities of a Brahman; and Satyavati gave birth to Jamadagni, the father of ________, a Brahman with qualities of a Kshatriya.

Question 4: After cursing Rambha, Kaushika goes to the highest mountain of the ________ to perform an even more severe tapasya for over a thousand years.
HimalayasDeccan PlateauWestern GhatsHindu Kush

Question 5: When a proud King Trisanku asked his ________, Vasishta, to send him to heaven in his own body, the guru responded that the body cannot ascend to heaven.
GuruHindu reform movementsA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaGuru-shishya tradition

Question 6: After many thousands of years of penance, ________ names him maharishi, but also tells him that he hasn't become a jitendriya yet, lacking control over his passions.

Question 7: He also leads them to the svayamvara ceremony for princess ________, who becomes the wife of Rama.

Question 8: He is tested again by Indra, who comes as a poor ________ begging for food just as Kaushika is ready to break a fast of many years by eating some rice.
BhumiharBrahminBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 9: He is also credited as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda, including the ________.
UpanishadsHinduismGayatri MantraSwami Vivekananda

Question 10: "O king, this feast that you have partaken with your kinsmen, has been provided by my calf Nandini (sometimes referred as Sabala), who was gifted to me by ________.


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