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Viscoelasticity: Quiz


Question 1: In the nineteenth century, physicists such as Maxwell, Boltzmann, and Kelvin researched and experimented with creep and recovery of ________, metals, and rubbers [2].
Cranberry glassBorosilicate glassMACORGlass

Question 2: Viscoelasticity calculations depend heavily on the ________ variable, η.
ViscositySurface tensionFluid dynamicsRheology

Question 3: The ________ of a viscoelastic substance gives the substance a strain rate dependent on time[1].
Surface tensionFluid dynamicsViscosityRheology

Question 4: ________ is seen in the stress-strain curve.
MagnetismMagnetic fieldElectricityHysteresis

Question 5: ________ is observed in the stress-strain curve, with the area of the loop being equal to the energy lost during the loading cycle[1].
HysteresisElectricityMagnetic fieldMagnetism

Question 6: When a stress is applied to a viscoelastic material such as a ________, parts of the long polymer chain change position.
PlasticPolymer chemistryNylonPolymer

Question 7: Whereas elasticity is usually the result of bond stretching along crystallographic planes in an ordered solid, viscoelasticity is the result of the diffusion of atoms or molecules inside an ________ material [1].
GlassLiquidGlass transitionAmorphous solid

Question 8: Many viscoelastic materials exhibit ________ like behavior explained by the thermodynamic theory of polymer elasticity.
Natural rubberSynthetic rubberEnglandLatex

Question 9: The inverse of η is also known as ________, φ.
Surface tensionRheologyViscosityFluid dynamics

Question 10: The Generalized Maxwell also known as the Maxwell-Wiechert model (after ________ and Emil Wiechert) is the most general form of the models described above.
Galileo GalileiSir George Stokes, 1st BaronetJames Clerk MaxwellCarl Friedrich Gauss


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