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Virulence: Quiz


Question 1: Bacteria use ________ to synchronise release of the molecules.
Quorum sensingCytokineCell signalingSignal transduction

Question 2: Some viral virulence factors confer ability to replicate during the defensive inflammation responses of the host such as during virus-induced ________.
Fatigue (medical)Influenza-like illnessHeadacheFever

Question 3: The noun virulence derives from the ________ virulent.
Preposition and postpositionAdjectiveAdverbVerb

Question 4: Virulence is the degree of pathogenicity of an organism: the relative ability of a pathogen to cause ________.

Question 5: For example, tetanus is caused by the soil bacterium ________.
AnthraxClostridium difficileClostridium tetaniClostridium botulinum

Question 6: In an ________ context, virulence can be defined as the host's parasite-induced loss of fitness.

Question 7: These proteins are coded for by genes in chromosomal DNA, bacteriophage DNA or ________.
BacteriaBacterial conjugationPlasmidArchaea


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