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Question 1: A virtual file system (VFS) or virtual filesystem switch is an abstraction layer on top of a more concrete ________.
File systemOperating systemFile Allocation TableNTFS

Question 2: The SunOS implementation was the basis of the VFS mechanism in ________.
UnixUNIX System VSolaris (operating system)Berkeley Software Distribution

Question 3: Toronto Virtual File System, a VFS for ________ developed by IBM Toronto that allows mounting diverse filesystems under a common structure.
OS/2Windows 9xMS-DOSMicrosoft Windows

Question 4: 9P - Distributed file system protocol that maps directly to the ________ VFS layer making all file system access network transparent.
Berkeley Software DistributionLinuxUnixPlan 9 from Bell Labs

Question 5: The Linux VFS, Chapter 4 of Linux File Systems by Moshe Bar (________, 2001).
McGraw-HillWRTVPlattsStandard & Poor's

Question 6: One of the first virtual file system mechanisms in Unix-like systems was introduced by ________ in SunOS 2.0 in 1985.
Java (programming language)Sun MicrosystemsJava (software platform)OpenJDK

Question 7: Commons VFS - virtual filesystem for Java, with support for ________, ftp, http, Zip (file format), Tar (file format), gzip, bzip2, and more.
HTTP SecureServer Message BlockInternet Relay ChatSecure Shell

Question 8: KIO - (________ IO) - a network-enabled file management system
KDEKonquerorGNOMEWindow Maker

Question 9: UAE could also treat a directory on the host filesystem -- (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ________) -- as an Amiga filesystem.
Commodore InternationalAmiga 4000Amiga 1200AmigaOS

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