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Virginia in the American Civil War: Quiz


Question 1: Following the one-sided Confederate victory ________, Union general Hooker was defeated at Chancellorsville by Lee's army.
Battle of AntietamBattle of GettysburgBattle of ChancellorsvilleBattle of Fredericksburg

Question 2:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Fredericksburg?
20 000 - 70 000
80 000 - 123 000 total
58 wounded

Question 3: Union general ________ was forced to retreat from Richmond by Robert E. Lee's army.
Andrew JacksonWoodrow WilsonGeorge B. McClellanWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 4:

Question 5:
What was First Battle of Bull Run a part of?
the American Civil War
the American Civil War, Apache Wars
the Southern Front of the Russian Civil War
the Second Sudanese Civil War aftermath

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the Battle of Appomattox Court House?
2,000 killed,
~500 killed and wounded
23 killed
100 ships sunk/captured, 20,000 sailors drowned/captured

Question 7: Colonel ________ resigned his U.S.
Robert E. LeeWinfield Scott HancockJ.E.B. StuartJames Longstreet

Question 8: ________ moved to shut down the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the Great Train Raid of 1861.
Jackson's operations against the B&O Railroad (1861)Jackson's Valley CampaignStonewall JacksonRobert E. Lee

Question 9: On June 20, 1863, ________ was formally admitted to the Union.
West VirginiaKentuckyNew JerseyMassachusetts

Question 10: Virginia attempted reclamation of Jefferson and Berkeley counties in a suit before the ________.
Supreme Court of the United StatesUnited States CongressUnited States ConstitutionUnited States courts of appeals


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