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Virginia Declaration of Rights: Quiz


Question 1: Mason based his document on the rights of citizens described in earlier works such as the ________ (1689), and the Declaration can be considered the first modern Constitutional protection of individual rights for citizens of North America.
Act of Settlement 1701Acts of Union 1707Magna CartaBill of Rights 1689

Question 2: It influenced a number of later documents, including the United States Declaration of Independence (1776), the United States Bill of Rights (1789), and the French Revolution's ________ (1789).
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the CitizenLiberal democracyDemocracyNatural and legal rights

Question 3: The Virginia Declaration of Rights is a document drafted in 1776 to proclaim the inherent ________ of men, including the right to rebel against "inadequate" government.
Natural and legal rightsReproductive rightsCivil and political rightsHuman rights

Question 4: ________ is thought to have drawn on it when he drafted the United States Declaration of Independence one month later (July 1776).
James MonroeJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonBenjamin Franklin

Question 5: James Madison was also influenced by the Declaration while drafting the Bill of Rights (completed September 1787, approved 1789), as was the Marquis de Lafayette in voting the French Revolution's ________ (1789).
Liberal democracyDemocracyDeclaration of the Rights of Man and of the CitizenNatural and legal rights

Question 6: The Declaration was adopted unanimously by the Virginia Convention of Delegates on June 12, 1776 as a separate document from the ________ adopted on June 29, 1776.
Richmond, VirginiaHistory of VirginiaConstitution of VirginiaArlington County, Virginia

Question 7: It was initially drafted by ________ ca. May 20-26 1776, and later amended by Thomas Ludwell Lee and the Convention to add Section 14 on the Right to uniform government.
George MasonGeorge Mason IIIJohn Mason (1766–1849)George Mason V


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