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Question 1: On August 13, 1607, the Plymouth Company established the Popham Colony along the Kennebec River in present day ________.
MaineMassachusettsConnecticutNew Hampshire

Question 2: With the religious pilgrims who arrived aboard the ________, a successor company to the Plymouth Company eventually established a permanent settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 in what is now New England.
MayflowerWampanoagSpeedwell (ship)Pilgrim (Plymouth Colony)

Question 3: The two companies, called the "Virginia Company of London" (or the ________) and the "Virginia Company of Plymouth" (or Plymouth Company) operated with identical charters but with differing territories.
John Smith (explorer)London CompanyBermudaSea Venture

Question 4: To the disappointment of its investors, the Virginia Company of London failed to discover ________ or silver in Virginia.

Question 5: However, in 1615, the isles passed to a separate company, the ________, which had been formed by the same shareholders as the London Company.
BermudaSea VentureSomers Isles CompanyJohn Rolfe

Question 6: The Plymouth Company was permitted to establish settlement(s) between the 38th parallel and the 45th parallel (roughly between the upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay and the current U.S.-________ border)
CanadaBelizeUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 7: The ________ which devastated that colony in 1622 brought on unfavorable attention, particularly from King James I who had originally chartered the Company.
Chief PowhatanIndian massacre of 1622Anglo–Powhatan WarsMiddle Plantation

Question 8: On May 14, 1607, the London Company established the Jamestown Settlement about 40 miles inland along the James River, a major tributary of the ________ in present-day Virginia.
Blue Ridge MountainsDelmarva PeninsulaAllegheny MountainsChesapeake Bay

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