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Virginals: Quiz


Question 1: The mechanism of the virginals is identical to that of the ________ in that its wire strings are plucked by plectra mounted in jacks.
PianoHarpsichordConcertoBaroque music

Question 2: [6] The pitch differences between the models offered by the Ruckers workshops were by no means arbitrary, but corresponded to the musical intervals of a tone, a fourth, a fifth, an ________, and a ninth.

Question 3: The virginals (the plural form does not necessarily denote more than one instrument)[1] or virginal is a keyboard instrument of the ________ family.
Baroque musicPianoHarpsichordConcerto

Question 4: Occasionally the inside of the lid bore a decorative scene; more often it was covered with block-printed papers embellished with a ________ motto, usually connected with morality or music.
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 5:
Extant Virginals at ________
United StatesMetropolitan Museum of ArtMuseum of Modern ArtWestern painting

Question 6: Early Italian virginals were usually ________ in shape, the case following the lines of the strings and bridges, and a few early Flemish examples are similarly made.
HexagonRegular polygonOctagonPolygon

Question 7: The virginals is a smaller and simpler rectangular form of the ________ with only one string per note running more or less parallel to the keyboard on the long side of the case.
HarpsichordPianoConcertoBaroque music

Question 8: [2] Other views are that the term comes from the word virgin, as it was most commonly played by young women,[3] or that the name derives from the ________ as it was used by nuns to accompany hymns in honour of the Virgin.
Biblical MagiMary (mother of Jesus)JesusSaint Joseph

Question 9: The Flemish school, in particular the ________ family, produced a special type of virginals known as Mother and Child (moeder und kind).
RuckersAntwerpPascal TaskinCouchet

Question 10: It was popular in northern Europe and ________ during the late Mediaeval and Renaissance periods.


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