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Violin construction and mechanics: Quiz


Question 1: Recent innovations have allowed ________ to be used as a material for the stick at all levels of craftsmanship.
Carbon fiberAramidNylonAsbestos

Question 2: The sound and tone of the violin is determined by how the belly and back plates of the violin behave acoustically, according to modes or schemes of movement determined by German physicist ________.
GermanyCymaticsPolandErnst Chladni

Question 3: Some "scrolls" are carved representations of animal or human heads, instead of the classical ________ volute most normally seen.
Logarithmic spiralGurren LagannSpiralFibonacci number

Question 4: Glue joints of the instrument are held with ________, since other adhesives can be difficult or impossible to reverse when future repairs are in order.
ProteinGelatinCollagenAnimal glue

Question 5: The hair must be rubbed with ________ occasionally so that it will grip the strings and cause them to vibrate.
WaxGlazing agentRosinE number

Question 6: They are also much less sensitive to changes in ________ than gut strings, and less sensitive to changes in temperature than all-metal strings.
Water vaporPrecipitation (meteorology)WindHumidity

Question 7: The neck itself is not ________, but is polished and perhaps lightly sealed, to allow ease and rapidity of shifting between positions.
PlasticVarnishDrying oilPaint

Question 8: ________ gives a slightly different tone.
GoldSilverCopperStainless steel

Question 9: The back and ribs are typically made of ________, most often with a matching striped figure, called "flame." Backs may be one-piece slab-cut or quarter-sawn, or bookmatched two-piece quarter-sawn.
Acer rubrumMapleAcer campestreAcer platanoides

Question 10: Synthetic-core strings, the most popular of which is Perlon (a trade name for stranded ________) combine some of the tonal qualities of gut strings with greater longevity and tuning stability.


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