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Violet Wilson: Quiz


Question 1: Violet first appeared on 8 October 2004, as a barmaid in the ________ and is a former pupil of Ken Barlow when he was a teacher at Weatherfield Comprehensive and on occasions calls him 'Sir'.
Coronation Street VHS and DVD releasesBetty Williams (Coronation Street)Rovers Return InnCoronation Street timeline

Question 2: Violet suffered an ________ on New Years Day 2007, and had to have emergency surgery to remove the tube and the baby.
Breech birthMiscarriageEctopic pregnancyHydatidiform mole

Question 3: Spouses: ________ | Alma Baldwin | Susan Barlow | Linda Baldwin | Carol Baldwin | Frankie Baldwin | Violet Wilson
List of minor Coronation Street characters (2009)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2007)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2008)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2005)

Question 4: Violet later turned down an unexpected proposal from Jason, and began dating ________.
Jamie BaldwinAdam BarlowDanny BaldwinViolet Wilson

Question 5: Violet entered a relationship with ________.
Jason GrimshawNick TilsleySarah-Louise GrimshawCoronation Street timeline

Question 6: The relationship broke up twice, firstly when Violet was seduced by Charlie Stubbs, and later when Jason had an affair with ________.
Sarah-Louise GrimshawNick TilsleyJason GrimshawCoronation Street timeline

Question 7: Lauren arrived in Weatherfield after spending time in ________ and immediately set her sights on the eye-candy of the Street.
Ayia NapaLarnacaAglandjiaParalimni

Question 8: Violet Wilson is a fictional character in the British soap opera ________.
WeatherfieldCoronation Street VHS and DVD releasesCoronation Street timelineCoronation Street

Question 9: Jason's mother, ________ found Violet a pleasant young woman, and enjoyed living with her.
Coronation Street timelineWeatherfieldCoronation StreetEileen Grimshaw


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