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Violence against women: Quiz


Question 1: Further, "clinicians should not relax their vigilance after a battered wife leaves her ________, because some data suggest that the period immediately following a marital separation is the period of greatest risk for the women.

Question 2: Their suffering was described in memories of former Gulag women prisoners Yevgenia Ginzburg, ________ and others.
Eufrosinia KersnovskayaVictor ZâmbreaVasile Lupu High School GroupAlexandru Usatiuc-Bulgăr

Question 3: Similar to a hate crime, this type of violence targets a specific group with the victim's ________ as a primary motive.
IntersexualityGenderThird genderGender role

Question 4: Many women underwent extrajudicial punishment in labor camps of ________ and the Soviet Union.
NazismAdolf HitlerAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 5: Recommendations for clinicians making a diagnosis of Marital Relational Disorder should include the assessment of actual or "potential" male violence as regularly as they assess the potential for ________ in depressed patients.
CremationEuthanasiaSuicideDeath and culture

Question 6: [21] Government agencies often disregard the victim's right to ________ with their perpetrator.
Freedom of speechFreedom of associationLibertyFreedom of assembly

Question 7: [11][12] In unmarried relationships this is commonly called dating violence, whereas in the context of marriage it is called ________.
Domestic violenceChild abuseElder abuseBullying

Question 8: The ________ reports that violence against women puts an undue burden on health care services with women who have suffered violence being more likely to need health services and at higher cost, compared to women who have not suffered violence.
Universal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationSwitzerlandWorld Health Organization

Question 9: Though this form of violence is often portrayed as an issue within the context of heterosexual relationships, it also occurs in ________ relationships,[14] daughter-mother relationships, roommate relationships and other domestic relationships involving two women.
HomosexualitySexual orientationLesbianThird gender

Question 10: Secondly, there is serious ________ in the marriage which is -"usually the husband battering the wife".
World War IIRussiaViolenceFrance

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