Viol: Quiz

Question 1: The treble is about the size of a violin, but with a deeper body; the standard bass is a bit smaller than a ________.
Cello concertoConcertoCelloDouble bass

Question 2: The bass viola da gamba continued to be used into the 18th century as a solo instrument (and to complement the harpsichord in ________).
Modern musical symbolsFigured bassOrnament (music)Clef

Question 3: Diego Ortiz published Trattado de Glosas (________, 1553), an important book of music for the viol with both examples of ornamentation and pieces called Recercadas.

Question 4:
Which of the following names does Viol go by?
Da-Bum Lucky Louie
Viola da gamba
Ursa Major B, DA 287, LEDA 2821461, 3C 244.1, 4C 58.21.
DA 343 , LEDA 46625 , 3C 285 , 4C 42.37

Question 5: Composers such as Marin Marais, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antoine Forqueray, and ________ wrote virtuoso music for it.
Johann Christian BachCarl Friedrich AbelChristian Ferdinand AbelWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Question 6: The bow is held underhand (palm up), similar to a German ________ bow grip, but away from the frog towards the balance point.
Double bassBass guitarJazzCello

Question 7: Viol da Gamba and Gamba also appear as string family stops on the ________.
Pipe organOrgan (music)Classical musicBaroque music

Question 8: The family is related to and descends primarily from the Spanish ________ (a guitarlike plucked string instrument).
International classical guitar competitionsVihuelaClassical guitarClassical guitar repertoire

Question 9: Here are some of the extant historic viols at ________:
United StatesWestern paintingMetropolitan Museum of ArtMuseum of Modern Art

Question 10:  (Documents the connections between the ________ and the viol.
Classical guitar repertoireGuitarVihuelaClassical guitar

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