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Vinyl: Quiz


Question 1: These are derivatives of ________, CH2=CH2, with one hydrogen atom replaced with some other group.

Question 2: Primary ________ contain a vinyl group.

Question 3: ________ (PVC) is made by polymerization of the monomer vinyl chloride (chloroethene) CH2=CHCl.
PolystyrenePolycarbonatePolyvinyl chloridePlastic

Question 4: Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is produced by hydrolysis of polyvinyl acetate (and not by polymerization of the monomer vinyl alcohol or ethenol, which is an unfavored keto-enol tautomer of ________.)
EthanolAcetaldehydeAmmoniaAcetic acid

Question 5: The etymology of vinyl is the ________ vinum = "wine", because of its relationship with alcohol (in its original sense of ethyl alcohol).
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

Question 6: A vinyl compound is any ________ that contains a vinyl group (also called ethenyl), −CH=CH2.
Organic compoundOrganic chemistryAmino acidBiochemistry

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