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Vinland: Quiz


Question 1: There is a consensus among scholars that the Vikings did reach North America, approximately five centuries prior to the voyages of ________.
SpainDominican RepublicAmericasChristopher Columbus

Question 2: Lawrence estuary, as ________ did 500 years later, finding both wild vines and nut trees.
MontrealJacques CartierSamuel de ChamplainNew France

Question 3: [16] The time period of the Vinland settlement corresponds with the ________ (from about the 10th to about the 14th Century).
Medieval Warm PeriodUnited StatesAtlantic OceanLittle Ice Age

Question 4: The implication is that the first element is ________ vín (Latin vinum), "wine".
North Germanic languagesOld NorseGermanic languagesOld Norse morphology

Question 5: To write it he visited the Danish king ________, who had knowledge of the northern lands, and told him of the "islands" discovered by Norse sailors far out in the Atlantic, of which Vinland was the most remote.
Cnut the GreatSweyn II of DenmarkEric I of DenmarkHarthacnut

Question 6: ________ look very much like small Black Corinth grapes, although they grow on bushes very unlike grape vines.
Dietary fiberBlueberryVacciniumCranberry

Question 7: A late-11th Century Norwegian penny, with a hole for stringing on a necklace, has also been found in ________.
MaineNew HampshireMassachusettsConnecticut

Question 8: However, ________ scholars demonstrated that, even as suffix, this peculiar usage of vin had ceased long before the colonization of Iceland and Greenland [3][4].

Question 9: The main sources of information about the Norse voyages to Vinland are two Icelandic sagas, The Saga of Eric the Red and the ________.
Saga of Erik the RedNorse colonization of the AmericasGrœnlendinga sagaLeif Ericson

Question 10: Vinland was the name given to an area of ________ by the Norsemen, about the year 1000 CE.
South AmericaAmericas (terminology)North AmericaAmericas

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