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Vine: Quiz


Question 1: These may be divided into woody vines or lianas, such as wisteria, ________, and common ivy, and herbaceous (nonwoody) vines, such as morning glory.

Question 2: ________ can use the tendency of climbing plants to grow quickly.
BotanyGarden designAgricultureGardening

Question 3: Climbers can be trained over walls, pergolas, ________ etc.
FenceCattleUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 4: ________ tends to use "climber" to refer to the broader category (such as ivy, Hedera).
English languageAmerican EnglishBritish EnglishCanadian English

Question 5: This has been a highly-successful growth form for plants such as kudzu and Japanese honeysuckle, both of which are invasive exotics in parts of ________.
South AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)North America

Question 6: [2] Some plants climb by twining their stems around a support (e.g., morning glories, ________ species).
Ipomoea hederifoliaIpomoeaSweet potatoIpomoea tricolor

Question 7: The word, derived from ________ vīnea, in the original sense referred to the grapevines (Vitis).
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire


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