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Vilnius County: Quiz


Question 1: Following the start of the Polish-Bolshevik War, in 1919 it was occupied by the Red Army, which was pushed back by the ________.
Polish Armed ForcesPolandPolish Land ForcesKTO Rosomak

Question 2: In the effect of the Nazi-Soviet Alliance and the Polish Defensive War of 1939, the area was captured by the Soviet Union, which transferred parts of present Vilnius County and Utena County to ________, only to annex it the following year.

Question 3: In ________ it belonged to the Northwestern Krai and approximately corresponded to its Vilna Governorate (as of 1843).
Russian EmpireOttoman EmpireBritish EmpireGolden Horde

Question 4: After the war, some parts of the area was ruled by local Polish self-government established after the German ________ army withdrew from the area.
Ober OstUnited Baltic DuchyLatviaPolish–Soviet War

Question 5: Vilnius County (Lithuanian: Vilniaus apskritis, Polish: Okręg wileński) is the largest of the 10 counties of ________, located in the east of the country around the city Vilnius.

Question 6: In this period, significant part of its population moved to ________ during so called repatriation.

Question 7: During ________, following the German offensive of 1915, it was occupied by the German army.
Western Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 8: Until the ________ in late 18th century the area belonged to the Vilnius Voivodship and Trakai Voivodship of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
First Partition of PolandPartitions of PolandPrussiaPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Question 9: In 1920 it was again occupied by the Red Army, but Soviets officially recognized the sovereignty of Lithuanian Republic over the city immediately after defeat during ________.
Kiev Offensive (1920)Battle of the Niemen RiverPolish–Soviet WarBattle of Warsaw (1920)


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