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Villains United: Quiz


Question 1: The Society storms through the castle, and Cheshire is shot and possibly killed by ________, who comments that "The Society doesn't need traitors".
Doctor Light (Arthur Light)Clock KingDeathstrokeTeen Titans

Question 2: They relay this information to ________, who informs J'onn.
Hal JordanSolomon Grundy (comics)Green ArrowJohn Stewart (comics)

Question 3: For months now, former President ________ has been using his resources to assemble an army against the superheroes.
Brainiac (comics)SupermanSolomon Grundy (comics)Lex Luthor

Question 4: Leading the villains' charge is ________, flanked by the monster he and "Monsieur" Warp unleashed from imprisonment: Doomsday.
Wonder WomanCirce (comics)Doctor PsychoGiganta

Question 5: ________, to save his daughter Scandal, infiltrates the Society's headquarters and threatens to kill Luthor if he does not disengage the Society's attack against the Six.
Green ArrowVandal SavageSolomon Grundy (comics)Hal Jordan

Question 6: Villains United is one of four limited series leading up to DC Comics' ________ event and seven-issue limited series.
One Year LaterFinal CrisisInfinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 7: Before the conversation has a chance to progress past base greetings, Lawton is ambushed by an irate Catman; he admits knowledge that Deadshot masqueraded as the villainous Deathstroke and murdered the ________ comprising his pride.
TigerLionSpotted HyenaCheetah

Question 8: Late one night in the mansion of the Secret Six, Catman and ________ have a discussion about their unknown leader, Mockingbird and the dramatic change in Catman's life, while Cheshire secretly listens in the shadows.
Harley QuinnBane (comics)Mad Hatter (comics)Deadshot

Question 9: Villains United is a six-issue comic book limited series, written by Gail Simone with art by Dale Eaglesham and Wade von Grawbadger, published by ________ in 2005.
SupermanVertigo (DC Comics)SuperheroDC Comics

Question 10: Contacting the ________, Oracle organizes a global telepathic link.
AquamanJustice LeagueMartian ManhunterSuperman


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