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Question 1: Australia The term village often is used in reference to small planned communities such as ________ or shopping districts, and tourist areas such as ski resorts.
Berkeley Township, New JerseyCedar Glen Lakes, New JerseyArizonaRetirement community

Question 2: In twenty[14] ________, the term "village" refers to a specific form of incorporated municipal government, similar to a city but with less authority and geographic scope.
ColoradoU.S. stateMassachusettsConnecticut

Question 3: ________ [3] at the beginning of 20th century.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiAbul Kalam AzadJawaharlal NehruC. Rajagopalachari

Question 4: In some states such as New York, Wisconsin, or Michigan, a village is an incorporated municipality, usually, but not always, within a single town or ________.
CityCivil townshipCountyIndependent city

Question 5: Village, or "làng", is a basis of ________ society.
VietnamPapua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippines

Question 6: Historically, villages were the usual form of ________ for societies that practise subsistence agriculture, and also for some non-agricultural societies.
CommunitySocial stratificationSocial networkSociology

Question 7: In the UK, the main historical distinction between a hamlet and a village was that the latter had a church, and so usually was the centre of worship for an ________.

Question 8: However this may not be applicable to urbanised villages: although these may not considered to be villages, they are often widely referred to as being so; an example of this is ________ in Leeds.
HorsforthKirkstallYeadon, West YorkshirePudsey

Question 9: The typical village had a pub or inn, shops, and a ________.

Question 10: In many states, the term "village" is used to refer to a relatively small ________, similar to a hamlet in New York state.
MunicipalityUnited StatesUnincorporated areaAtlanta

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