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Question 1: In the later 16th century the villas designed by ________ around Vicenza and along the Brenta Canal in Venetian territories, remained influential for over four hundred years.
Andrea PalladioVilla PojanaVilla BarbaroVilla Capra "La Rotonda"

Question 2: Villa Savoye in Poissy, ________, by Le Corbusier
CanadaItalyUnited KingdomFrance

Question 3: It was economically as self-sufficient as a village and its inhabitants, who might be legally tied to it as ________ were villeins.
AbolitionismArab slave tradeSlaverySerfdom

Question 4: When complete and self-sufficient working villas were donated to the ________ church, they served as the basis for monasteries that survived the disruptions of the Gothic War and the Lombards.
BaptistChristianityEcumenismChristian denomination

Question 5: In this way, the villa system of late Antiquity was preserved into the ________ period.
Byzantine EmpireHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 6: This is especially true in Pakistan and in the French influenced islands of the ________ such as Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, and Martinique.
CaribbeanLatin AmericaNorth AmericaAmericas

Question 7: As late as 698, Willibrord established an abbey at a Roman villa of Echternach, in Luxembourg near Trier, which was presented to him by Irmina, daughter of ________, king of the Franks.
Clovis IIIDagobert IIMerovingian dynastyChilderic II

Question 8: In many ways Thomas Jefferson's ________ is a villa.
La FortalezaMonticelloCahokiaMesa Verde National Park

Question 9: Wealthy Romans escaped the summer heat in the hills round Rome, especially around Tibur (Tivoli) and ________ (cf Hadrian's Villa).
Marino, ItalyCastel GandolfoAricciaFrascati

Question 10: ________ is said to have possessed no fewer than seven villas, the oldest of which was near Arpinum, which he inherited.
Julius CaesarPompeyMark AntonyCicero

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