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Question 1: [citation needed] In 1920, a winged-helmeted Viking was introduced as a radiator cap figure on the new ________, marking the start of the cultural rehabilitation of the Vikings in Britain.
British LeylandLand RoverMiniRover Company

Question 2: In Old English, and in the writings of Adam von Bremen, the term refers to a ________, and is not a name for a people or a culture in general.
Hayreddin BarbarossaKurtoğlu Muslihiddin ReisBarbary corsairsPiracy

Question 3: In ________ the Viking Age began dramatically on 8 June 793 when Norsemen destroyed the abbey on the island of Lindisfarne.
EnglandUnited KingdomWalesScotland

Question 4: There were two distinct classes of Viking ships: the ________ (sometimes erroneously called "drakkar", a corruption of "dragon" in Norse) and the knarr.
YoalLongshipTall shipHerring Buss

Question 5: A myth about a glorious and brave past was needed to give the Swedes the courage to retake ________, which had been lost in 1809 during the war between Sweden and Russia.

Question 6: The pre-Christian Scandinavian population is also referred to as Norse, although that term is properly applied to the whole civilization of ________-speaking people.
Old Norse morphologyGermanic languagesOld NorseNorth Germanic languages

Question 7: In ________, the word is spelled víkingr.
Germanic languagesOld NorseNorth Germanic languagesOld Norse morphology

Question 8: Some modern historians have dubbed him the ‘Emperor of the North’ because of his position as one of the magnates of medieval Europe and as a reflection of the ________ to the south.
Holy Roman EmpireGerman EmpireFranciaByzantine Empire

Question 9: Leif Ericsson, discoverer of Vínland, son of ________.
Leif EricsonEastern SettlementSkrælingErik the Red

Question 10: As an adjective, the word is used in expressions like "________", "Viking culture", "Viking colony", etc., generally referring to medieval Scandinavia.
Pomerania during the Early Middle AgesViking AgeVarangiansViking expansion

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