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Question 1: The Vigenère cipher is a method of encrypting alphabetic text by using a series of different ________ based on the letters of a keyword.
Caesar cipherOne-time padROT13Frequency analysis

Question 2: The first well documented description of a polyalphabetic cipher was formulated by ________ around 1467 and used a metal cipher disc to switch between cipher alphabets.
Italian RenaissanceFlorenceLeon Battista AlbertiItaly

Question 3: Later, in 1508, ________, in his work Poligraphia, invented the tabula recta, a critical component of the Vigenère cipher.
Johannes TrithemiusLorenz von BibraSponheimMagic (paranormal)

Question 4: Sharky's Online Vigenere Cipher — Encode and decode messages, using a known key, within a Web browser (________)

Question 5: Blaise de Vigenère published his description of a similar but stronger autokey cipher before the court of ________, in 1586.
Henry III of FranceFrancis II of FranceHenry IV of FranceCharles IX of France

Question 6: What is now known as the Vigenère cipher was originally described by ________ in his 1553 book La cifra del. Sig. Giovan Battista Bellaso.
Alberti cipherLeon Battista AlbertiGiovan Battista BellasoPatrician (post-Roman Europe)

Question 7: Noted author and mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (________) called the Vigenère cipher unbreakable in his 1868 piece "The Alphabet Cipher" in a children's magazine.
Alice LiddellJabberwockyLewis CarrollThrough the Looking-Glass

Question 8: In 1917, ________ described the Vigenère cipher as "impossible of translation".
Nature (journal)Scientific American MindNature BiotechnologyScientific American


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