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Vietnamese alphabet: Quiz


Question 1: NH is a ________ (IPA: [ɲ]), similar to Polish ń, Russian нь, Spanish ñ, Portuguese nh, or French and Italian gn.
Velar nasalVoiceless alveolar fricativeBilabial nasalPalatal nasal

Question 2: Most new documents now exclusively use the Unicode format ________.
ASCIIUniversal Character SetUTF-16/UCS-2UTF-8

Question 3: Perhaps for this reason, the Vietnamese name for ________ is not Minh Vương Tinh (冥王星 - lit.
(55636) 2002 TX300Haumea (dwarf planet)PlutoMakemake (dwarf planet)

Question 4: These informal efforts led eventually to the development of the present Vietnamese alphabet, largely by the work of French ________ Alexandre de Rhodes, who worked in the country between 1624 and 1644.
Society of JesusDominican OrderCongregation of the Most Holy RedeemerConventual Franciscans

Question 5: KH is a ________ (IPA: [x]).
Voiceless velar fricativeVoiceless velar plosiveVoiced postalveolar fricativeVoiceless postalveolar fricative

Question 6: The Vietnamese alphabet, called Chữ Quốc Ngữ (script of the national language), usually shortened to Quốc Ngữ (national language), is the current writing system for the ________.
Vietnamese languageChinese languageFrench languageThai language

Question 7: An ________-based writing convention, Vietnamese Quoted Readable, and several byte-based encodings including TCVN3, VNI, and VISCII were widely used before Unicode became popular.
Code page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252ASCII

Question 8: CH is a voiceless palatal stop (IPA: [c], similar to English c in "cute") or ________ (IPA: [ʧ], similar to English ch in "chip").
ConsonantAffricate consonantLateral consonantEjective consonant

Question 9: As a result of influence from the Chinese writing system, each ________ in Vietnamese is written separately as if it were a word.
Mora (linguistics)GeminationSyllableVowel length

Question 10: ia in open syllables: /miɜ/ = mía 'sugar cane' (note: open ________ end with a vowel; closed syllables end with a consonant);
SyllableMora (linguistics)GeminationVowel length


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