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Viet Cong: Quiz


Question 1:
Where are the headquarters of Viet Cong?
Via Mercanti 30 C - Torino 10100
Loc Ninh, South Vietnam

Question 2: Hanoi gave the regroupees military training and sent them back to the South along the ________ in the early 1960s.
Operation Barrel RollVietnam WarHo Chi Minh trailCambodian Campaign

Question 3:
What ideology does Viet Cong subscribe to?
Democratic socialism,
National conservatism,
Objectivist-based, libertarianism

Question 4: [22] The launch of ________ in October boosted Soviet confidence and led to a reassessment of policy regarding Indochina, long treated as a Chinese sphere of influence.
Sputnik 2Space RaceSputnik 1Sputnik program

Question 5: The word appears in ________ newspapers beginning in 1956.
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnamHanoiDirect-controlled municipality

Question 6: [52] After Thanh's death in July, Giáp was assigned to implemented this plan, now known as the ________.
Vietnam WarCambodian CampaignHo Chi Minh CampaignTet Offensive

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  The alleged 1966 martyrdom of Vietcong soldier Nguyễn Văn Bé is much celebrated in Vietnam, despite the fact that he later turned up alive.[37]
  A 23-year-old man who nearly starved to death after spending one month in a Vietcong internment camp, 1966.
  Coolies took supplies south on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (1959)

Question 8: The 1972 ________ was a direct North Vietnamese attack across the demilitarized zone between North and South.
Vietnam WarOperation LinebackerEaster OffensiveHo Chi Minh Campaign

Question 9: [61] Earle G. Wheeler, chairman of the ________, estimated that Tet resulted in 40,000 communist dead[62] (compared to about 6,000 U.S.
Joint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Department of DefenseUnited States Secretary of the ArmyUnited States Secretary of the Navy

Question 10: ________
Viet Cong and PAVN battle tacticsVietnam WarTet OffensiveViet Cong and PAVN strategy, organization and structure

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