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Question 1: LCDs and plasmas are also inherently progressive displays and may need to perform ________ on interlaced signals.

Question 2: One common use of video monitors is in Television stations and in outside broadcast vehicles, where ________ use them for confidence checking of signals throughout the system.
Broadcast engineeringElectrical engineeringAudio engineeringElectronic engineering

Question 3: ________ (SDI, as SD-SDI or HD-SDI)
Serial digital interfaceSMPTE 292MNTSCRGB color model

Question 4: A video monitor also called a broadcast monitor, broadcast reference monitor or just reference monitor, is a device similar to a television, used to monitor the output of a video-generating device, such as a media playout server, IRD, video camera, ________, or DVD player.
Videocassette recorderVideotapeVideo tape recorderCartrivision

Question 5: [1] [2] [3] For quality control purposes, it is necessary for a broadcast monitor to produce (reasonably) consistent images from facility to facility, to reveal any flaws in the material, and also not to introduce any image artifacts (such as ________) that is not in the source material.
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theoremDiscrete Fourier transformAliasingUpsampling

Question 6: Video monitors are used extensively in the security industry with ________ cameras and recording devices.
Closed-circuit televisionMass surveillanceTraffic enforcement cameraIP camera

Question 7: Unlike a television, a video monitor has no tuner and, as such, is unable independently to tune into an ________ broadcast.
Satellite televisionBroadcast television systemsATSC (standards)Terrestrial television

Question 8: Modern broadcast grade professional monitors also have safe area grid generators, to help position television ________, lower thirds, within their respective areas i.e.
Computer graphicsGraphic designDrawingGraphics

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