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Video game industry: Quiz


Question 1: The history of the Japanese arcade is very significant in the story of the decline of the American arcade, and in the shape of ________ in general.
Casual gameGame designerGame developmentGame design

Question 2: For example, many ________ target just game industry professionals.
RecruiterExecutive searchJob interviewRecruitment

Question 3: Advancement in 3D graphics technology, as 3D graphic cards became widely adopted, with 3D graphics now the ________ standard for video game visual presentation
MoroccoDe factoUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 4: In the ________ industry, it is easier to create a startup, resulting in many successful companies.
Personal computer gameVideo game genresVideo gameAudio game

Question 5: William Higinbotham, a nuclear scientist, created ________ on October 18, 1958.
Asteroids (video game)Tennis for TwoFirst video gamePong

Question 6: For example, founder Alan Miller left Activision to start another video game development company, Accolade (now ________ née Infogrames).
PongAtari InteractiveAtari, Inc.Atari

Question 7: The video game industry (formally referred to as interactive entertainment) is the ________ sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video games.
EconomicsMoneyHeterodox economicsKeynesian economics

Question 8: A particularly famous case is the "original" independent developer ________, founded by former Atari developers.
Activision BlizzardStar Trek: Voyager – Elite ForceInterplay EntertainmentActivision

Question 9: Many early game publishers started from this economic climate, such as Origin Systems, Sierra Entertainment, Capcom, ________ and Electronic Arts.
Interplay EntertainmentActivisionStar Trek: Voyager – Elite ForceActivision Blizzard

Question 10: Most of these professionals are employed by video game developers or ________.
Video game industryGame programmerVideo game publisherGame development

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