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Victory in Europe Day: Quiz


Question 1: United Kingdom - 1995 May Day ________ was moved from 1 May to 8 May to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War.
Labour DayBank holidayGood FridayBoxing Day

Question 2: Massive celebrations also took place in ________, Los Angeles, Miami, and especially in New York City's Times Square.
Elmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisBurr Ridge, IllinoisChicago

Question 3: The administration headed up by Dönitz was known as the ________.
German EmpireWest GermanyNazi GermanyFlensburg government

Question 4: ________ as Den vítězství or Den osvobození (Day of liberation)
SlovakiaHungaryPolandCzech Republic

Question 5: Many hardships remained, however, including continued ________ of food and clothing, which lasted even longer in peacetime than it had during the war.
United KingdomRationing in the United KingdomRationingCuba

Question 6: On April 30 Hitler committed suicide during the ________, and so the surrender of Germany was authorized by his replacement, President of Germany Karl Dönitz.
Battle of BerlinOperation BagrationVistula–Oder OffensiveEastern Front (World War II)

Question 7: The former ________ as Tag der Befreiung (Day of liberation)
Communist stateCommunist RomaniaSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 8: The act of military surrender was signed on May 7 in ________, France, and May 8 in Berlin, Germany.
ReimsÉpernayAy, MarneChâlons-en-Champagne


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