Vickers Vimy: Quiz

Question 1: The most significant was the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by ________ in June 1919 (their aircraft is preserved in the London Science Museum)[8];
Vickers VimyAlcock and BrownVickers VikingNC-4

Question 2: [9] Rynevald and Brand then borrowed a ________ to continue the journey to Cape Town.
Airco DH.9Airco DH.9ABritish Aerospace BAe 125Airco DH.4

Question 3: [11 ] These bombers were in the process of being phased out at the time of the ________ and therefore were subsequently captured by the Japanese, who soon disposed of them.
Second Sino-Japanese WarChinchow OperationMukden IncidentMarco Polo Bridge Incident

Question 4: In 1920, Lieutenant Colonel Pierre van Ryneveld and Major ________ attempted to make the first England to South Africa flight.
Keith ParkVickers VimyQuintin BrandRoyal Flying Corps

Question 5: Guns: 1 × .303 in (7.7 mm) ________ in Scarff ring in nose and 1 × in Scarff ring in mid-fuselage
Vickers machine gunMills bombLewis GunLee-Enfield

Question 6: F.B.27A Vimy II: Twin-engine heavy bomber aircraft for the ________.
British ArmyBritish Armed ForcesRoyal Air ForceLuftwaffe

Question 7: The prototype entered the 1920 race to Cape Town; it left ________ on 24 January 1920 but crashed at Tabora, Tanganyika on 27 February.
Brands HatchBrooklandsRetford Gamston AirportBrough Aerodrome

Question 8: They left ________ on 4 February 1920 in the Vimy G-UABA named Silver Queen.
Brough AerodromeBrands HatchRetford Gamston AirportBrooklands

Question 9: In 1969, a Vimy replica was built by the Vintage Aircraft Flying Association at Brooklands (this aircraft is now displayed at the ________, Hendon, London).
Imperial War Museum DuxfordRoyal Air Force Museum CosfordMidland Air MuseumRoyal Air Force Museum London

Question 10: ________ (Vimy, Vimy Ambulance & Vernon).
British Armed ForcesBritish ArmyRoyal Air ForceLuftwaffe

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