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Question 1: This aircraft was of the "Farman" pusher layout, to avoid the problem of firing through a tractor propeller, and was armed with a single belt-fed ________.
Lewis GunLee-EnfieldVickers machine gunMaxim gun

Question 2: [5] No. 18 Squadron RFC, which deployed to ________ in November 1915, also operated the F.B.5 exclusively.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada

Question 3: ________
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2

Question 4: In total, 224 F.B.5s were produced, 119 in Britain by Vickers, 99 in France and 6 in ________.

Question 5: [4] ________ G.S.M. Insall of 11 Squadron won the Victoria Cross for an action on 7 November 1915 in which he destroyed a German aircraft while flying a Gunbus.
First LieutenantSecond LieutenantLieutenant CommanderEnsign (rank)

Question 6: 50 were delivered to ________ training units.
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Sopwith CamelRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5Royal Flying Corps

Question 7: Powerplant:Gnome Monosoupape 9-cylinder ________, 100 hp (75 kW)
Two-stroke engineRadial engineRotary engineWankel engine

Question 8: ________: 5.4 lb/ft² (26 kg/m²)
F-16 Fighting FalconWing loadingGlider (sailplane)F-104 Starfighter

Question 9: The Vickers F.B.5 (Fighting Biplane 5) (known as the "Gunbus") was a British two-seat pusher military biplane of the ________.
Caucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)World War IArmenian Genocide

Question 10: 1 × 0.303 in (7.7 mm) drum-fed ________ in observer's cockpit
Mills bombLee-EnfieldLewis GunVickers machine gun


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