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Vichy France: Quiz


Question 1: After the ________ in 1940, French Somaliland declared loyalty to Vichy France.
Battle of FranceWestern Front (World War II)Military history of France during World War IIBattle of Belgium

Question 2: Laval and Raphaël Alibert started convincing the representatives of the ________, both Senators and Deputies, to vote full powers to Pétain.
French peopleFranceSpainEurope

Question 3:
What is the currency of Vichy France?

Question 4: Organized by Laval, a strong proponent of collaboration, the interview and the handshake were photographed, and ________ made strong use of this photo to gain support from the civilian population.
NazismThe HolocaustNeo-NazismNazi propaganda

Question 5: The French squadron at ________, under Admiral René-Emile Godfroy, was effectively interned until 1943 after an agreement was reached with Admiral Andrew Browne Cunningham, commander of the Mediterranean Fleet.
Alexander the GreatAlexandriaGreeceAncient Greece

Question 6:
What type of government does Vichy France have?

Question 7:
Where does Vichy France come from?
Central African Republic

Question 8: This was known as the ________ or Operation Exporter.
Syria-Lebanon CampaignAnglo-Iraqi WarNorth African CampaignEast African Campaign (World War II)

Question 9:

Question 10: During the ________, the French police checked the identity documents of 40,000 people, and the operation succeeded in sending 2,000 Marseillese people in the death trains, leading to the extermination camps.
René BousquetDrancy internment campBattle of MarseilleVichy France

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