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Vicar: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, a regional vicar is a priest designated to fulfill responsibilies for an entire country or region, such as France or the United States.
Controversies about Opus DeiPope John Paul IIJosemaría EscriváOpus Dei

Question 2: Non-resident canons led also to the institution of vicars choral, each canon having his own vicar, who sat in his stall in his absence (see ________).
CathedralBishopPrimate (religion)Catholic Church

Question 3: The Pope uses the title Vicarius Christi, meaning, the vicar of Jesus ________.
New TestamentHoly SpiritGospelChrist

Question 4: After being issued a call or assignment, the candidate is ordained as a ________ in the ministry of Word and Sacrament.

Question 5: The Romans had used the term to describe officials subordinate to the ________.
DomitianPraetorian GuardAugustusPraetorian prefect

Question 6: An ________ is a bishop or priest who heads a missionary particular church that is not yet ready to be a full diocese - he stands as the local representative of the Pope, in the Pope's role as bishop of all unorganized territories.
Apostolic vicariateBishop (Catholic Church)Apostolic prefectCatholic Church hierarchy

Question 7: In the broadest sense, a vicar (pronounced /ˈvɪkər/; from the ________ vicarius) is a representative, anyone acting "in the person of" or agent for a superior (compare "vicarious" in the sense of "at second hand").
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinLatinOld Latin

Question 8: Historically, Anglican parish clergy were divided into ________, vicars and perpetual curates.

Question 9: "The Curate of Ars" (usually in French: Le Curé d'Ars) is a style often used to refer to Saint ________, a French parish priest canonized on account of his piety and simplicity of life.
John VianneyCatholic ChurchPope Pius XPope Benedict XVI

Question 10: In the ________, vicar is the ordinary title given to certain parish priests.
Archbishop of YorkArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandBishop of Lincoln


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