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Vibrato: Quiz


Question 1: Some instruments can only be played with constant, mechanical vibrato (or none at all), notably the ________ used by many electric organists.
Eric ClaptonRock musicCream (band)Leslie speaker

Question 2: The extent of the variation in pitch in instrumental vibrato is usually decided by the performer, but does not usually exceed a ________ either way from the note itself.
SemitonePerfect fourthInterval (music)Octave

Question 3: Vibrato on the ________, which is a continuously variable-pitch instrument with no "stops", can range from delicate to extravagant, and often serves to mask the small pitch adjustments that instrument requires.
ThereminElectronic musical instrumentLéon ThereminElectronic music

Question 4: ________ players may produce vibrato by gently shaking the horn which varies the pressure of the mouthpiece against the lip.
TrumpetTromboneAlto hornBrass instrument

Question 5: Most percussion instruments are examples of this, such as the ________.

Question 6: On ________, for example, the finger used to stop the string can be wobbled on the fingerboard, or actually moved up and down the string for a wider vibrato.
Musical instrumentGuqinString instrumentViolin

Question 7: Most ________ players through the 20th century and up to the present day have used vibrato more or less continuously.
DixielandJazzAmerican popular musicBlues

Question 8: ________’s Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (1756) provides an indication of the state of vibrato in string playing at the end of the baroque period.
Leopold MozartWolfgang Amadeus MozartConstanze MozartMozart family grand tour

Question 9: Norrington caused controversy during the 2008 Proms season by conducting ________'s Enigma Variations, and the Last Night of the Proms, in non-vibrato style, which he calls pure tone.
Edward ElgarThomas BeechamMalcolm SargentAdrian Boult

Question 10: Wide vibrato, as wide as a whole-tone, is commonly used among ________ players and adds a vocal-like expressiveness to the sound.
Electric guitarLead guitarElectric Guitar DesignBass guitar

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