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Vibhishana: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ saying "Ghar kā bhedi Lanka dhāe" means 'Traitor in the family destroyed Lanka" meaning "An enemy in the family itself can destroy it", just as Vibhishana's revealing of secrets resulted in the destruction of Lanka."
Hindustani languageHindiPunjabi languageSanskrit

Question 2: After the ________ he was replaced as a God of the four warrants by the goddess Pattini.
11th century15th century17th century16th century

Question 3: When Vibhishana attained the position of the King of Lanka, he turned his subjects from the path of evil to the path of good and ________ (righteousness).

Question 4: Eventually, ________ appeared and offered him any boon he wanted.

Question 5: In the Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition, Vibhishana was one of the Gods of the Four Warrants (satara varam deviyo) until the ________ period.
TbilisiDhakaSri Jayawardenapura KotteKathmandu

Question 6: The same aught can be read in the story of Prahlada and ________.

Question 7: Though a half-demon himself, Vibhishana was of a noble character and advised Ravana, who kidnapped and abducted Sita, to return her to her husband ________ orderly.
HanumanRamaRamayanaBharata (Ramayana)

Question 8: [1] In the ________ poem of Totagamuwe Sri Rahula, the sælalihini sandesaya, the Myna is ordered to carry the missive to Vibhishana at his temple in Kelaniya.
14th century16th century11th century15th century

Question 9: Vibhishana (Sanskrit: विभीषण, vibhīshaṇa, also known as Bibhishan;Sinhala:විභීෂණ) or in ________ as Wibisanaor Wibisono is a character in the epic Ramayana.
Malay languageIndonesian languageIndonesiaJavanese language


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