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Viareggio: Quiz


Question 1: There is a train station located near the city centre, with 60 daily trains running along the Genova-Rome line, and the ________ line, as well as the international trains.

Question 2: In 1820 Maria Luisa di Borbone, duchess of ________ had the first marina of Viareggio built, which was completed in 1823, and took the name of Marina of Lucca.

Question 3: During ________ Viareggio was subject to heavy bombings and entire suburbs of the city were destroyed.
World War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 4: In 1938 the Marina of the Empire was also built, which was followed in the 1970s by the Marina of Viareggio (also known as the New Marina), the Marina of the Madonnina, and the new ________.
LighthouseRomanian languageItalian languageSpanish language

Question 5: In addition, the area was also affected by the pestilence which, recounted by Giovanni Boccaccio in his masterpiece the ________, spread throughout the whole of Italy.
William ShakespeareGeoffrey ChaucerThe DecameronDante Alighieri

Question 6: ________, football manager, winner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
Ottavio BianchiJózsef ViolaCarlo CarcanoMarcello Lippi

Question 7: On September 10, 1513, ________ removed the port of Motrone from the control of Lucca.
Pope Adrian VIPope Leo XPope Clement VIIPope Alexander VI

Question 8: The current coat of arms was chosen in 1848 and replaces the previous one dating back to 1752, which showed an image of ________, the first patron saint of the city.
Francis of AssisiAnthony of PaduaPope Pius XPope John Paul II

Question 9: Mario Tobino (1910 - 1991), doctor, ________ and writer.
LiteraturePoetryLyric poetryNovel

Question 10: Similarly, most of her financial policies were of dubious effect, although some were welcomed by the locals, such as the adoption of the "Napoleonic Code", the adoption of the metric system, the introduction of mandatory vaccination against ________.


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