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Question 1: The final ________ was installed in time for the Jubilee of 1950.
Ramesses IIHeliopolis (ancient)Vatican CityObelisk

Question 2: The other scheme of designs submitted by architects was a "closed" plan that would consist of two roads arching outwards in an ________, with the Tiber and the Square at opposite ends.
Elliptic orbitConic sectionEllipseOrbit

Question 3: The death of his patron, ________, put a halt to Bernini's work.
Pope Alexander VIIPope John Paul IIPope Innocent XPope Clement IX

Question 4: Prime Minister ________, who had signed the accord on behalf of the King, resurrected the idea of a grand thoroughfare symbolically connecting the Vatican to the heart of the Italian capital.
FascismAxis powersItalian FascismBenito Mussolini

Question 5: At times, such as during the ________, it has acted as an extension to the square itself, allowing a greater number of visitors to attend functions conducted there.
Biography of Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchFuneral of Pope John Paul II

Question 6: The first design was submitted by ________ during the reign of Pope Nicholas V,[6] and formed one of the two perennial designs proposed for the area.
FlorenceItalian RenaissanceItalyLeon Battista Alberti

Question 7: Via della Conciliazione (Road of the Conciliation[1]) is a street in the Rione of Borgo within Rome, central ________.

Question 8: Plans were drawn up several times over the years for the construction of a major link between the Vatican City and the centre of Rome; the number of submissions increasing dramatically with the onset of the ________.
Italian Renaissance arts and cultureItalyItalian RenaissanceItalian Wars

Question 9: Further momentum was lost when ________ was commissioned to redesign the terrace in front of the Basilica in 1656.
RomeSt. Peter's BasilicaBaroque architectureGian Lorenzo Bernini

Question 10: Alberti envisioned an "open" plan, consisting of a single voluminous V-shaped boulevard, widest at St. Peter's Basilica itself and tapering as it approached the ________.
Lake BolsenaTiber RiverLazioSabine


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