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ViOS: Quiz


Question 1: Objects within the ViOS world were usually pointers to ________-deliverable resources.
InternetWorld Wide WebHTMLNetscape

Question 2: When users of the system interacted with such objects, they would initiate the load and caching of an associated webpage that was viewable via an instance of the ________ web browser.
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer MobileDirectXMicrosoft Windows

Question 3: A key concept of ViOS was that it enabled representations of ________-deliverable information to self-organize and optimize through the decentralized activities of its participants.
InternetE-mailWorld Wide WebInternet Relay Chat

Question 4: In other words, owners of ________ could relocate objects pointing to their sites and thereby build meaningful communities.
World Wide WebWebsiteWeb designInternet

Question 5: 16 MB ________ graphics card
Industry Standard ArchitectureConventional PCIAccelerated Graphics PortUniversal Serial Bus

Question 6: The basic concept behind the "ViOS 3D Internet Viewer" was to take the virtual world of the entire ________ and adapt it to a physical representation of large virtual landscape, complete with mountains, rivers and cities.
E-mailWorld Wide WebInternetInternet Relay Chat

Question 7: Each of these was populated with approximately 15,000 visually-rich objects representing what at the time were the best and most trafficked sites of the ________.
HTMLWorld Wide WebInternetNetscape


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