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Vetus Latina: Quiz


Question 1: ________
VulgateList of New Testament Latin manuscriptsList of New Testament minusculesList of New Testament uncials

Question 2: Many grammatical idiosyncrasies come from the use of ________ grammatical forms in the text.
Medieval LatinOld LatinClassical LatinVulgar Latin

Question 3: Probably the most well known difference between the Old Latin and the Vulgate is in the ________, where the phrase from the Vetus Latina, quotidianum panem, "daily bread", becomes supersubstantialem panem, "supersubstantial bread" in the Vulgate.
Lord's PrayerAgnus DeiNicene CreedKyrie

Question 4: These Psalms had already become widely used in the liturgy, and their phrasing was familiar to worshippers despite their occasional divergences from ________ usage.
Old LatinClassical LatinLatin literatureVulgar Latin

Question 5: The following comparison is of Luke 6:1-4, taken from the Old Latin text in the ________:
Codex BezaeCodex VaticanusMinuscule 33Codex Sinaiticus

Question 6: In 1979, the Roman Catholic Church issued a ________ version of the Psalms, and authorised them for liturgical use; by then, Latin liturgies were seldom used, and the Nova Vulgata has made little impact.
VulgateDidachePope Gregory IChristian monasticism

Question 7: Grammatical solecisms abound; some reproduce literally Greek or Hebrew idioms as they appear in the ________.
SeptuagintOld TestamentBiblical apocryphaNew Testament

Question 8: [1] It was, however, written in ________, not the early version of the Latin language known as Old Latin.
Vulgar LatinMedieval LatinClassical LatinLate Latin

Question 9: There was no single "Vetus Latina" Bible; there are, instead, a collection of Biblical ________ texts that bear witness to Latin translations of Biblical passages that preceded Jerome's.
BookManuscriptPapyrusManuscript culture

Question 10: The language of the Old Latin translations is uneven in quality, as ________ lamented in De Doctrina Christiana (2, 16).
Blaise PascalAnselm of CanterburyAugustine of HippoThomas Aquinas

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