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Question 1:

Question 2: [2] Innocenti, after overcoming design difficulties and later production difficulties through his choice of a tubular frame, went on to produce the more costly ________ line of motorscooters.

Question 3:
What city is Vespa based in?

Question 4:
What country is Vespa based in?

Question 5:
What is the slogan of Vespa?
Radio That Listens
At the Heart of the Image
"Not just a scooter, a way of life"

Question 6: The inspiration for the design of the Vespa dates back to Pre-WWII Cushman scooters made in ________, USA.

Question 7: These olive green scooters were in Italy in large numbers, ordered originally by Washington as field transport for the Paratroops and ________.
Amphibious warfareUnited States Marine CorpsCommandoMarine (military)

Question 8: Post ________ Italy, in light of its agreement to cessation of war activities with the Allies, had its aircraft industry severely restricted in both capability and capacity.
Second Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War II

Question 9: Even though Piaggio was the European market leader, it was dwarfed by rivals ________ and Yamaha.

Question 10: This was the three-wheeled variant used for commercial purposes, including the popular ________.
Auto rickshawCycle rickshawTaxicabShare taxi


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