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Verticillium: Quiz


Question 1: First identified from ________ in Germany in 1870, this species attacks over 300 different cultivated plants and can persist as a saprotrophic soil organism for more than 15 years.

Question 2: The insects are infected when they come into contact with the sticky fungal ________ which then grow and invade the body, thus pathogenesized, the insects' internal organs are consumed, leading to the insects' death.
FernCell wallPlantSpore

Question 3: The better known species of Verticillium are, V. dahliae and V. albo-atrum cause a wilt disease called ________ in more than 400 eudicot plant species.
HempCapsicumCeleryVerticillium wilt

Question 4: In horticulture and ________ it is sometimes used as an entomopathogen (infects insects) for controlling insect pests like mealybugs and mites and aphids.
Intensive farmingAgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 5: The fungi universally move up the ________ vessels.
WoodXylemVascular plantFlowering plant

Question 6: When infecting ornamental trees like maples, elms, ________, ash, beech, catalpa, oak and others, the first symptoms are midsummer wilting on one side of a tree or branch.
AspenPopulusPopulus tremuloidesPopulus tremula

Question 7: Verticillium is a genus of fungi in the division ________, and are an anamorphic form of the Plectosphaerellaceae family.


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