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Vertebrate: Quiz


Question 1:
    • Class †________ (extinct armoured fishes)

Question 2: Fire Salamander, Saltwater Crocodile, Southern Cassowary, Black-and-rufous Giant Elephant Shrew, ________
SharkOcean sunfishWhale sharkTetraodontiformes

Question 3: [3] For this reason, the sub-phylum is sometimes referred to as "Craniata", as all members do possess a ________.
SkullHead and neck anatomyHuman skullBone

Question 4:
  • Class ________ (ray-finned bony fishes)

Question 5:
What period does the fossils of the Vertebrate come from?
Middle Permian
Early Pliocene to Recent
Mid Silurian to Early Devonian

Question 6: Vertebrate Pests chapter in United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ and University of Florida/________ National Public Health Pesticide Applicator Training Manual
MacroCenterUniversity of Florida College of Health and Human PerformanceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Florida College of Engineering

Question 7: Superclass ________ (four-limbed vertebrates)

Question 8: Vertebrates comprise cyclostomes, bony fish, sharks and rays, ________, reptiles, mammals, and birds.

Question 9: Class ________ (reptiles, some ancestral to birds)

Question 10: [citation needed] It is closely related to the word ________, which refers to any of the bones or segments of the spinal column.
Lumbar vertebraeCervical vertebraeVertebraVertebral column


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