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Vernacular: Quiz


Question 1: In India, the 12th century ________ led to the translation of Sanskrit texts to the vernacular.
HinduismVaishnavismBhakti movementHindu denominations

Question 2: Ferguson's own example was classical and spoken Arabic, but the analogy between Vulgar Latin and ________ is of the same type.
Old LatinLatin literatureLate LatinClassical Latin

Question 3: Chaucer wrote in an early East Midland, Wycliffe translated the ________ into it and William Caxton, the first English printer, wrote in it.
GospelBiblical canonNew TestamentJesus

Question 4: 1701, in its latter stage as ________.
New LatinRenaissance LatinContemporary LatinVulgar Latin

Question 5: The Divina Commedia, the ________, and The Song of Roland are examples of early vernacular literature in Italian, Spanish, and French, respectively.
AragonMocedades de RodrigoCantar de Mio CidReconquista

Question 6: The Niderlender, or speakers of Low German, were anyone living in the lowlands from the ________ to the Netherlands, while the Oberlender, who spoke High German, lived in more elevated terrain.
Arctic OceanBaltic SeaBlack SeaNorth Sea

Question 7: In Catholicism, vernacular bibles were later provided, but Latin was used at Tridentine Mass until the ________ of 1965.
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchSecond Vatican CouncilPope John Paul II

Question 8: The first printed book in England was Chaucer's ________, published by Caxton in 1476.
Geoffrey ChaucerThe Miller's TaleThe Canterbury TalesThe Knight's Tale

Question 9: Auraicept na n-Éces is a grammar of the ________ which is thought to date back as far as the seventh century: the earliest surviving manuscripts are twelfth-century.
IrelandIrish languageScottish GaelicNorthern Ireland

Question 10: In 1617 the Fruitbearing Society, a language club, was formed in Weimar in imitation of the ________ in Italy.
Académie françaiseFlorenceAntonio Francesco GrazziniAccademia della Crusca

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