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Verizon FiOS: Quiz


Question 1: FiOS Digital Voice service is currently available only in the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas and ________.
MassachusettsFloridaColoradoNorth Carolina

Question 2: Voice, video, and data travel over three wavelengths in the ________ spectrum.
Electromagnetic spectrumUltravioletX-rayInfrared

Question 3:
Verizon FiOS, AOL and AT&T are all:
Internet service providers of the United States Fiber-optic communications Broadband Video on demand

Question 4: Interactive services such as VOD and widgets are delivered by IP and are only accessible through use of a FiOS ________ that supports RF as well as IPTV video.
Set-top boxATSC (standards)Coupon-eligible converter boxBroadcast flag

Question 5: However, ________ content and interactive features, such as "widgets" and programing guide data, are delivered over an IPTV-based format.
British Sky BroadcastingCable televisionVideo on demandBBC iPlayer

Question 6: Other features include "widgets" that provide interactive on-screen news and social networking, as well as ________, remote DVR, and online video services such as HBO Go.
IPTVSet-top boxDatacastingInteractive television

Question 7: [12] In 2009, Verizon announced an agreement to sell landline operations scattered throughout 14 states in former ________ territories to Frontier Communications.
Verizon CommunicationsGTEDiamond State TelephoneC&P Telephone

Question 8:
Verizon FiOS, Viacom and ArcelorMittal are all:
Fiber-optic communications Internet service providers of the United States Companies established in 2006 Video on demand

Question 9: La Conexión — a ________-oriented plan
Portuguese languageSpanish languageRomanian languageFrench language

Question 10: Verizon FiOS is a bundled communications (Internet, telephone, and TV) service, operating over a fiber-optic communications network, that is presently offered in some areas of the ________ by Verizon.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines


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