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Venus figurines: Quiz


Question 1: Some scholars and popular theorists suggest a direct continuity between the Palaeolithic female figurines and later examples of female depictions from the Neolithic or even the ________.
Ancient Near EastDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze AgeBronze Age Britain

Question 2: The famous Venus of Willendorf was excavated in 1908 in a loess deposit in the Danube valley, ________.
HungaryPolandAustriaCzech Republic

Question 3: The absence of such figurines from the ________ is curious.
HispaniaIberian PeninsulaSpainPrehistoric Iberia

Question 4: Although some scholars see it as a stylised female body with an animal head, it is probably a decorated ________-type device.
AlabamaDart (missile)PaleolithicAtlatl

Question 5: One, the Venus of Berekhat Ram, was discovered on the ________; the other, the Venus of Tan-Tan, in Morocco.
2006 Lebanon WarGolan HeightsSyriaIsrael

Question 6: At Mal'ta, near ________, figurines are only known from the left sides of huts.
RussiaLake BaikalYenisei RiverIrkutsk

Question 7: They are collectively described as "Venus" figurines in reference to the Roman goddess of beauty, ________, since the prehistorians of the early 20th century assumed they represented an ancient ideal of beauty.
VenusJupiterMercury (planet)Mars

Question 8: the Venus figurines of the ________ group (Venus of Savignano, Malta and of Balzi Rossi)
Atlantic OceanMediterranean SeaIndian OceanPacific Ocean

Question 9: Nevertheless, the widespread theories concerning a possible fertility cult or a ________ are entirely speculative and cannot be scientifically evaluated.
Gaia (mythology)Mother goddessHinduismKali

Question 10: The so-called Venus of Las Caldas from a cave near ________ is a Magdalenian antler carving.

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