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Venipuncture: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ can also be used to extract blood from a patient.
LiquidHypodermic needlePlasticSyringe

Question 2: In general whole blood needs to be mixed with ________ which chelates calcium to prevent it clotting, unless the clotting time is the test to be measured in which citrates are used.

Question 3: In medicine venepuncture,venopuncture or venipuncture is the process of obtaining intravenous access for the purpose of intravenous therapy or obtaining a sample of venous ________.
Red blood cellBloodBlood plasmaPlatelet

Question 4: This procedure is performed by medical laboratory scientists, medical practitioners, some ________, paramedics, phlebotomists and other nursing staff.
Emergency medical servicesEmergency medical technicianAmbulanceCertified first responder

Question 5: Phlebotomy (incision into a vein) is also the treatment of certain diseases such as ________ and primary and secondary polycythemia.
HFE hereditary hemochromatosisElevated alkaline phosphataseIron overloadSpherocytosis


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