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Venial sin: Quiz


Question 1:
Venial sin, Seven deadly sins and Seven virtues are all:
Christian terms Sins Christian hamartiology Catholic doctrines

Question 2: The New Testament also mentions the unforgivable sin, blasphemy against the ________ (Mark 3:28-29).
JesusHoly SpiritGospelApostle (Christian)

Question 3: Each venial sin that one commits adds to the ________ that one must do.
PenanceAbsolutionCatholic ChurchLord's Prayer

Question 4:
Venial sin, Seven deadly sins and Byzantine Empire are all:
Sins Christian terms Catholic doctrines Christian hamartiology

Question 5: As the above criteria are the three criteria for ________ stated negatively (via de Morgan's theorem), a sin which met none of these extenuating conditions would necessarily be considered mortal.
Original sinExcommunicationEastern Catholic ChurchesMortal sin

Question 6: The ________ distinguishes among sins in various contexts.
JesusGospelBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 7:
Venial sin, Seven deadly sins and Sin are all:
Christian hamartiology Catholic doctrines Sins Christian terms

Question 8: According to Roman Catholicism, a venial sin (meaning "forgivable" sin) is a lesser sin that does not result in a complete separation from ________ and eternal damnation in Hell.

Question 9: Penance left undone during life converts to punishment in ________.
Catholic ChurchOrthodox ChurchPurgatoryHeaven


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