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Vending machine: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, the Korean 500 won coin which there was not was forged as 500 ________ coin by a machine so that it was recognized, and, in Japan, only a one-tenth value was abused with a vending machine although a diameter was the same as 500 yen coin.
EuroPound sterlingUnited States dollarJapanese yen

Question 2: Most notably, the 2 euro coin is similar in size to the 10 ________ coin (worth only €0.25).
Bangladeshi takaMalaysian ringgitThai bahtRussian ruble

Question 3:
When was the Vending machine?
February 1998
Late February-Early March
February 2002
February 2010

Question 4: Most modern vending machines have been extensively tested and designed to inhibit ________, with security measures resulting in designs similar in strength to safes.

Question 5: In some countries, merchants may sell ________ such as beer through vending machines, while other countries do not allow this practice (usually because of dram shop laws).
VodkaWineAlcoholic beverageEthanol

Question 6: The first recorded reference to a vending machine is found in the work of ________, a first-century engineer and mathematician.
PtolemyHero of AlexandriaDiophantusArchimedes

Question 7: In 2008, a ________ called taspo was implemented in the majority of tobacco vending machines across the country to restrict sales of cigarettes from them.
Radio-frequency identificationSmart cardContactless smart cardIdentity document

Question 8: In some countries like ________ and Japan, by contrast, cigarette machines are still common.

Question 9: These vending machines are often located at ________ or in busy shopping streets.
Train stationTramHigh-speed railCommuter rail

Question 10: The machines in ladies' restrooms typically sell some form of absorbent device for menstruation such as a pad or ________.
TamponPregnancySanitary napkinBirth control

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