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Velocity: Quiz


Question 1: The equation for an object's velocity can be obtained mathematically by evaluating the ________ of the equation for its acceleration beginning from some initial period time t0 to some point in time later tn.
DerivativeCalculusContinuous functionIntegral

Question 2: The scalar ________ (magnitude) of velocity is speed.
Absolute valueVector spaceComplex numberEuclidean space

Question 3: ________ is the minimum velocity(11 km/s) a body must have in order to escape from the gravitational field of the earth.
Escape velocityMoonGravity assistSolar System

Question 4: The instantaneous velocity vector v of an object that has positions x(t) at time t and x(t + Δt) at time t + Δt, can be computed as the ________ of position:
CalculusIntegralDerivativeDifferential calculus

Question 5: It is a vector ________; both speed and direction are required to define it.
ForcePhysical quantityFundamental unitSpecific heat capacity

Question 6: Introduction to Mechanisms (________)
Carnegie Mellon UniversityRobert Morris UniversityHeinz FieldPoint Park University

Question 7: In Newtonian mechanics, the kinetic energy (________ of motion), EK, of a moving object is linear with both its mass and the square of its velocity:

Question 8: In ________, velocity is the rate of change of position.
PhysicsParticle physicsQuantum mechanicsUniverse

Question 9: The rate of change of velocity is ________ – how an object's speed or direction changes over time, and how it is changing at a particular point in time.
AccelerationEuclidean vectorKinematicsForce

Question 10: Displacement (Distance) | Velocity (Speed) | ________ | Jerk | Jounce | Crackle and pop
ForceEuclidean vectorKinematicsAcceleration


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