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Question 1: Amongst Western Slavs, the name can be principally found in 15th and 16th century Czech records, where it means either dragon or ________.
SatanChristian teaching about the DevilDevilGod

Question 2: In his role as a trickster god, he is in some ways similar to both Greek ________ and Scandinavian Loki, and like them, he was connected with magic.
HeraApolloHermesGreek mythology

Question 3: Another example is the town of Volosko in ________, situated on the seashore under the peak of Mount Ucka, nicknamed Perun.

Question 4: As a god of the Underworld and dragons he, of course, became identified with the ________.
DevilChristian teaching about the DevilSatanSoul

Question 5: In the later half of 10th century, Veles or Volos was one of seven gods whose statues ________ had erected in his city.
Christianization of Kievan Rus'Sviatoslav I of KievVladimir I of KievKievan Rus'

Question 6: Only in ________ do we find a deity similar to Veles in his attributes and his complexity: Cernunnos, god of druids, nature, horned animals and shamanism, whose symbol was a ram-headed serpent.
SamhainCeltic mythologyCeltic Reconstructionist PaganismBeltane

Question 7: He is also the opponent of thunder-god ________, and the battle between two of them constitutes one of the most important myths of Slavic mythology.
DažbogVeles (god)Ala (demon)Perun

Question 8: In fact, in many of the Russian folk tales, Veles, appearing under the Christian guise of ________, saves the poor farmer and his cattle from the furious and destructive St.
ChristmasSaint NicholasSanta ClausChristmas Eve

Question 9: As a protector of cattle, he became associated with ________, popularly known among various Slavic nations as St.
Saint PantaleonSaint GeorgeSaint BlaiseSaint Giles

Question 10: As mentioned already, in many Eastern Slavic folk tales, he was replaced by ________, probably because the popular stories of the saint describe him as a giver of wealth and a sort of a trickster.
Saint NicholasChristmas EveChristmasSanta Claus


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