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Velcro: Quiz


Question 1: The Velcro brand is an example of a ________ — a brand name that has become the generic term for a type of product.
Moral rights (copyright law)Genericized trademarkPublic domainCopyright

Question 2: Velcro got its first break when it was used in the ________ industry to help astronauts maneuver in and out of bulky space suits.
AerospaceNuclear technologyBiotechnologyAerospace engineering

Question 3: [11] As Velcro only became widely used after ________'s adoption of it, NASA is popularly — and improperly — credited with its invention.
Space RaceNASASpace explorationHuman spaceflight

Question 4: Television show host ________ immortalized this during the February 28, 1984 episode of Late Night with David Letterman on NBC.
Phil HartmanDavid LettermanConan O'BrienChevy Chase

Question 5: dyes, [14] that may be ________ to sensitive populations.
AllergenCell-mediated immunityAutoimmunityImmune system

Question 6: [1] It consists of two layers: a "hook" side, which is a piece of ________ covered with tiny hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered with even smaller and "hairier" loops.
Textile printingSilkWeavingTextile

Question 7: [11] The strength of the bond depends on how well the hooks are embedded in the loops, how much surface area is in contact with the hooks, and the nature of the ________ pulling it apart.
EnergyForceClassical mechanicsPhysics

Question 8: Later improvements included strengthening the filament by adding ________.

Question 9: Velcro held together a human heart during the first ________ surgery, and it is used in nuclear power plants and army tanks to hold flashlights to walls.
Pennsylvania State UniversityWillem Johan KolffMichael E. DeBakeyArtificial heart

Question 10: [5] Within a few years he obtained patents and began to open shops in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, ________, and Canada.


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